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Our Melbourne Weekend (August 18)

Day One:

After an early start (3.30am rise – fuck that) we were at Christchurch airport for 4.30am … we parked for free on Peter Leeming Rd. (down there for dancing peeps) and we hit the Koru Lounge for coffee and a Danish (thanks Air NZ).

I watched the first few episodes of ‘Barry’ on the flight – new HBO show about a contract killer who gets into theatre acting in LA – funny shit.

We landed in Melbourne around 8am. Aussie time and made our way via public transport into the city.

Public transport is awesome in other cities because you get to see the weirdest people/shit on the trains/trams/buses - if you've read the LA trip blog you'll feel me!

These Chinese looking Mafia Boss types I particularly enjoyed L-O-L!!!

The Myki system is fucking awesome - $8.60 to travel into Melbourne CBD (we jumped off at Flinders St. Station - shown below) and you get to see some WICKED graffiti on route.

The Myki ticket itself costs an additional $6, but once you buy it - that's it, it's YO'S ... hold onto it FO LIFE!!!!

Dropped our bags off at the QT (so funky … well except for the freaky twins but not twins in their matching weird outfits at the entrance door) and headed off out.

After a quick coffee hit at Caffe e Torta (fucking delicious) we made our way via trains/trams/busses to Chadstone Shopping Centre.

It is a BEAST … there’s about 14 million shops in there and Cheryl was in heaven.

We spent a few hours in there for retail therapy (I got a new Nixon flat peak – I was happy)