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Good Pictures Sell

Good pictures can help sell - you can take that to the bank. Here's a few simple and effective tips/tricks to help ensure even the beginner photographers can get some good selling pictures.

Opt for Natural Light

Choose the right time of the day (usually around 4pm during warmer months – wee bit earlier during cooler months) to ensure the sun isn’t too low.

Seems obvious (not all are born with the magical gift of common sense), but make sure all curtains/shades/etc. are open so you get the most natural light flooding into the space you want to photograph.

Natural light makes everything look crisp, cool and S-O much better.

And try not to use a flash.

Compose Your Pictures

Keep the space you’re photographing in mind when composing your pictures.

Seems obvious, just don’t just point & shoot. Stop and think about the overall scene you’re trying to capture and what will work best with angles, lighting, content, etc.

Look With Your Lens

Take lots of trial photographs of each room – you have unlimited memory Scrooge McDuck (well you’ll have a few GB’s at least), so don’t be afraid to take lots of quick shots to get a sense of what works best for that space.

Take your time having a browse through the photos on the camera that might make you notice unsightliness that your normal eye missed like wires, remote controls, bins out in full view, etc. sticking out in the frame that stick out like a sore thumb.

You can photoshop these bits & bobs out afterwards, but its easier to sort sooner rather than later.

Shoot The Best Feature

Chose a focal point in each room and fill the frame.