Period Villa Style

It's just over two years since I took on the project that was 9 Hinemoa Street.

I fell in love with this place the second I walked in and realised the potential the old girl had ... but she wasn't pretty.

There was a lot of room to improve, but that's where it sat. I knew if I purchased, I'd have a big job on my hands for the foreseeable future.

Buy hey, who doesn't like a challenge?

Now I don't want to ruin a nice blog with old pictures. But if you really want to see some of the befores - here they are:


The outside needed some work landscaping wise & the weatherboard was in a bit of a sad state after years without any maintenance.

But it came up very nicely with some prep work and a few coats of pigment sealer/Resene exterior white paint.

We tried a few different colours and even went as far as painting the front of the house Resene Cape Cod - a dark grey/blue colour.

But after a trip to Hanmer Springs with some friends a few weeks back, we rocked back to Christchurch on the Sunday and were both not so impressed with the front painted in Cape Cod.

It cost a bit to sort, but happy that we did. The white white exterior looks bloody marvellous.


The inside was a different story and I wanted an eclectic mix of colours, shapes, textures, furnishings, styles, etc. to create a unique comfortable and cozy living space.

Entrance Hallway

The existing entrance hallway was a dark dated space that felt claustrophobic and unwelcoming. The existing wood panelling was nice, but needed an overhaul.

With a full repaint in a black-white Resene wood paint and a home-made cabinet to hide a very ugly meter box and some art/furniture additions - it became a bright modern welcoming entranceway to the house proper.

Entrance Hallway #1

Living Room/Kitchen

When I lifted the existing grey faded old carpet in the Living Room/Kitchen, the gift I discovered was a mixture of old Rimu wood (original), cork board in-fills & surprisingly – concrete.

My original plan was to resurface all the existing Rimu boards throughout the house, but that plan had to be scrapped after finding that peach.

So knowing we were going to put in a stand-alone fire, I decided 'screw it - I'm pouring a concrete heart with a nice simple border and put a brick feature wall in the living room'.

The brick adds so much to the room in terms of a focal point and a bold feature. I was afraid it would split the room but instead I think it helps tie everything together.

Once painted black against the white it couldn’t have worked out any better.

All furniture was carefully sourced (& painstakingly researched) furniture from Freedom, Vast Interiors Christchurch & Derlook Furniture Auckland, marble pendants from Urban Outfitters US, rugs from IRugs/The Cowhide Company.

Along with a few self-made furniture pieces and a restored old Winchester single barreled 1912 shotgun to hang on the brick, the room came up a treat.

The kitchen just needed some new units and some quality appliances (Smeg). The basic shape was already there and it was just added to maximize the space.

I found some gnarly old wood to make shelves from and spent HOURS drilling holes through tiles+backing sheet+fireproof material to hand them. They nearly broke me, but I was pretty chuffed with how they worked out.

Front Living Room

The front living room is in the original old part of the house, so I kept the old styling theme in there and wanted something that resembled a gentlemen’s club.

This room gets so much early morning sun and the girls love chilling in here together having breakfast/watching cartoons.


There were four bedrooms when I moved in, but I decided to turn one of the front bedrooms into a second living room for Brooke so she could have her own space.

There was a small box bedroom that I said 'yup - she'll make a nice office', so an office it became.

The front bedroom turned out to be Brooke’s (our 7-year-old girl) own space and she was allowed to pick her own colour.

Surprise surprise she chose pink.

The back bedroom (parents room) is the furthest from the road and it's a nice quiet tranquil space that looks out onto the cottage box garden.

I kept the overall styling neutral with some refurbished mid-century modern furniture pieces that I got for a steal off TradeMe and some bits from Hapa, UO USA and an 8 pointer stag mounted solo to finish it all off.

I'd found a cool old print of the 'Lost Landmarks of Christchurch' at Magma Gallery a couple of years previous that I didn't know where to hang. Seemed perfect for that entrance once the room was finished.


Both bathrooms were styled in a similar but different style. I kept the wooden floors and added some character with some sunken shelving, bright feature access hatch in the ceiling and some original framed art (gig posters).

When I insulated the house I had to cut some access hatches in the ceilings. I thought about going white to blend in, but decided against it lol. The red/black adds a bit of funk to an already funky little space.

The rear bathroom is a heady mix of wooden flooring, tiles, internal weatherboard and paint finish to keep my wife happy. She loves this bathroom.

I used some recycled wood from a site find to make sunken shelves and the main door is on an old sliding rail to give it another quirky aspect.


The original office (or box room) was turned into a nursery ready for our second girl's arrival (Harper-Lee), and the office was moved into unused space in the rear hallway.

With some homemade shelves, a refurbished mid-century set of drawers, a turkish rug bought many moons ago and some new baby furniture - Harper-Lee's room was ready just before her arrival (she's 4 months now).

Rear Hallway/Office

This was a very unused corner of the house, but due to circumstances is now one of the most utilised parts of the house.

I like the mix of old, new, crazy, normal, interesting, colorful & plain here that when thrown together make a nice space for relaxing/writing/listening to music.

Better still - it's the midpoint of the house and when you're sitting here the world happens around you with kids going to and from, dogs play fighting past you and a wonderful view of the deck/garden and bird feeder to keep me entertained.

My 100 year old refurbished barn door desk also sits very happily in its new home.


The laundry was the last room and the common theme of finished Rimu flooring and custom made joinery using recycled materials helped ensure that this functional space was also pleasing on the eye.

Just because it's functional doesn't mean it can't be pretty!

Along with some greenery, art, toys, custom refurbished furniture and some weird and wonderful bits and pieces, the house now is an eclectic mix of old, new and strange that has some of everyone’s personality stamped on our living space.

Some places where I sourced furniture/features in no order:

Hapa NZ for quirky cool beautiful objects we got Barry the bear (beanbag sleeping bear cub here - love it).

Freedom Furniture:, - where we sourced our stunning three seater leather sofa that has the ability to look old but is new.

Derlook Design NZ: - replica Eames chairs/Noguchi Cyclone table - all beautifully made replica pieces.

I Rugs NZ: - these guys have a HUGE selection of rugs for very sharp prices and they arrive pretty fast by courier too!

Urban Outfitters USA: - free delivery yo NZ over $50. I have bought S-O much from this site from their apartment section over the years.

Simply Blinds NZ: - these guys are awesome and communication/delivery is so good.

Vast Furniture: - best one off and affordable pieces that are quality made. Love shopping here.

Anyways – just wanted to share the finished product with you all and if any of you are interested in letting me help you on your new build, refurbishment or otherwise journey – please feel free to contact me on:

I do have an eclectic style and I don't want to be involved with a vanilla stock standard design/build. If you are keen to add personality and some character to your space - hit me up!



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