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Make That Desk

I love making things out of unwanted junk/scrap. Nothing gives me more pleasure than taking something that's meant for the scrap heap and turning it into a functional (& hopefully beautiful) piece of furniture. That turned out to be the case with this one.

I understand it can be a bit daunting to just pick up an old door and say ‘yup – I’m going to turn that into an office desk’.

But honestly – it’s not that hard. It’s all about just getting into it, giving it a go and not expecting perfection first time out.

Almost every single piece I’ve made since I started doing this as a hobby five or so years back have ‘character’ … and by character, I mean – they have imperfections and don’t look shop bought.

But that just adds character no? And I also love the fact that it’s not just another factory mass manufactured cheap piece of laminate.

Turns out to be a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a similar item from a high-end furniture shop most of the time too … if you’re smart about you’re shopping list (I’ll get into that later).

Ok, so what you need to start is a basic design – an idea of the shape/substance you want to achieve out of whatever type of desk you’re building. I knew I wanted a functional adult sized office desk, so it had to fit the usual requirements.

800mm high – tick. 1400mm long – tick. 700mm deep – tick. But everything else was very much open for negotiation. I found a general design I liked on Pinterest and away I went.

I had the door for the top so all I needed was the timber.

I decided I’d go a bit high end seeming as I sourced the door for free (cheers Darcy), so I went with a 50mm Macrocarpa (Botanical Name: Cupressus Macrocarpa. Source Location: Originated from the USA).

Because I was making all the trestle shelves from individual boards glued together I had to get quite a bit of this milled. I think I spent $250 incl. GST all in on the timber/glue for this project.