I like to upcycle, remake & refinish. That includes rejuvenating vintage furniture and customising TradeMe or flea market finds.

I don't think anything can add instant character to a new build like old vintage furniture that brings with it it's colourful past and lifts any room in terms of style.

I am by no means a master craftsman refurbisher, but I do create one off custom pieces that won't be seen in any other home.

I'm also a keen shopper who likes to stay up to date with all the latest trends and love nothing more than a good bargain (that's the Q.S in me coming out).


If you're interested in speaking with me about any furniture related project needs that you have be it restoration, refurbishment, new furniture sourcing, etc. just touch base via the contact info. below.


CW Works Ltd.

Blades, Cutters, Carvers & More ...

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