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Meet Cheryl, The Bookkeeper Guru and Business Support Provider.

CW Works, established in 2017. "C"
Cheryl, "W" Wayne who do works together, creates CW Works.

While the fundamentals of our business were not quite fully worked out, we both went into this together doing what we both love to do. The problem was, we both did very different things.

Wayne's a Quantity Surveyor by trade, but his passion went far beyond that. He loves to tinker and decided to turn his tinkering into more than just a hobby.

Me, Cheryl, the "C", well I work with other businesses by supporting them with their day-to-day business administration, compliance and bookkeeping tasks allowing them to concentrate on what they love and providing them with the time to grow their business.

Our worlds collide in terms of services, but together we make it all happen under the same umbrella of CW Works.

So, while our business website www.cwworks.co.nz seems to be all about blades, cutters, carvers and more I decided to create this space, to not only promote the wonderful services offered by "W" but also to share and express my passion and the work I do for many small and medium businesses throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Therefore if you do want to talk to me about how I can help you within your own business, please don't be put off with the blades because I promise - I don't use them on clients.

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