March 3, 2019

Day 1

8.10am flight ex ChCh & landed bang on 10am 'Stralian time.

We managed to blag our way out of queuing in either of the monstrous two que options at Arrivals & took advantage of the Melbourne public transport system with a quick bus janut to Broadway before jumping on a train into Central.

We googled 'best pizza CBD'  before we got into town and decided on Heartbreakers (Connie's) because of the flavors on offer.

We weren't disappointed - fucking delicious (pepperoni for me, loaded mushroom for Chez on thin, crispy & cheesy and the mother fuckers packed in bags of flavour.


Strolled up Collins Street and checked into the Intercontinental around 1pm.

The Atrium is impressive - two old red brick buildings joined together with modern glass/steel.

The central atrium used to be a street and now fancy cunts eat their breakfasts where horses used to casually shit while strolling along on their daily bidness. Very cool.

Dropped our bags, checked out the room & strolled bac...

February 15, 2019

Step 1: Find the boards. This can be the hardest part of the whole process, but luckily I have some top blokes in NZ who are happy to see boards going to use and not the tip.

Step 2: Strip the grip tape. Many layers of skin and a few nails have been lost along the way over the past few years. I don’t hate many things in this life, but I most certainly fucking hate grip tape.

Step 3: Strip the glue: Sometimes the removed tape leaves a bare trace, other times it leaves A LOT and unless you want your sanding discs to do a ¼ area of a board you gotta strip that sh*t with either a blade, a scraper or a rag with turps. Great fun!

Step 4: Remove the nose/tail. Easiest with the use of a decent drop saw … but dealers choice.

Step 5: Sand back both sides of the board to remove all remaining glue and graphics. If you leave the graphics on and glue up – yo sh*ts not going to last very long.

Step 6: Decide what you’re making and whether you need a certain pattern. Horizontal cuts get horizontal lines (s...

September 18, 2018


I was running.

I wasn’t sure where or why – I just was.

And it was one of those blind panic runs.

Something snapped to my left and I looked, but I couldn’t see shit.

I was still running, but from what I had no idea.

I just knew that it wasn’t good and I had to outrun it.

 ”Turn your alarm off for fuck’s sake”

I’d forgotten pretty much every night that first month that I didn’t have a full time job anymore.

I’d also forgotten that I didn’t have to wake up at stupid o’clock to shower & go into the misery factory for 7.30am.

So my Monday-Friday 6.30am alarm had stayed on.

”Sorry – my bad”.

What was I running from?

Fucking nightmares.

They’d leveled off over the past few years from the night terrors I’d had as a child, but they were still there.

I’m not sure what the root cause was, or even if it was a normal frequency of bad dreams I had.

Either way they’d usually float off into space once I’d surfaced and had my morning caffeine.

Just then Charlie started crying.

”Shit – seriously, sorry”.

“Uggghhh … I...

August 14, 2018

Day One:

After an early start (3.30am rise – fuck that) we were at Christchurch airport for 4.30am … we parked for free on Peter Leeming Rd. (down there for dancing peeps) and we hit the Koru Lounge for coffee and a Danish (thanks Air NZ).

I watched the first few episodes of ‘Barry’ on the flight – new HBO show about a contract killer who gets into theatre acting in LA – funny shit.

We landed in Melbourne around 8am. Aussie time and made our way via public transport into the city.

Public transport is awesome in other cities because you get to see the weirdest people/shit on the trains/trams/buses - if you've read the LA trip blog you'll feel me!

These Chinese looking Mafia Boss types I particularly enjoyed L-O-L!!!

The Myki system is fucking awesome - $8.60 to travel into Melbourne CBD  (we jumped off at Flinders St. Station - shown below) and you get to see some WICKED graffiti on route.

The Myki ticket itself costs an additional $6, but once you buy it - that's it, it's YO'S ... hold onto i...

March 12, 2018

What started off as a question ‘could you refurbish my old K-Sabatier knives?’ turned into one of the most difficult things I’ve done with knives to date.

First of all they were in a pretty disheveled state.

The handles were broken in several places from years of repeated cleaning in a dishwasher.

Never a good idea for knives with wooden handles people.

Secondly, they were badly rusted (same reason) and I was guessing the rivets had rusted at the male/female connection points so wouldn’t ‘pop’ when a bit of elbow grease was to be applied.

But nevertheless – challenge accepted.

The old scales came away pretty easy, but yup – the rust was worse than I’d first feared.

But manageable.

The rivets on the other hand could not be popped and saving to reuse wasn’t an option.

So out came the angle grinder to trim them off.


For the rust I used the same method and ground them down to a decent finish.

Then I gave them a quick rub with an 80 grit sandpaper just to get the remainder of the surface rust...

October 25, 2017

Day 1: Koreatown, Downtown LA & Santa Monica Boulevard/Pier (34,531 steps - 26.35Kms walking)

After two comfortable flights (even on American Airlines, but with the help of some prescribed sleeping tablets and liquor … who’d have thunk it?) we touched down in LA at 6.05am on a sunny Sunday morning, 08th October 2017.

It took us a while to get our private shuttle into the city, but after eight phone calls (no shit) and a relatively pleasant chat with our ex-pat Cambodian driver and his ‘travel guest’ (for use of the carpool lane - smart), we were at hotel check in ( at the corner of Wilshire/Normandie in Koreatown (K’town) for 8.15am.

Our room wasn’t going to be ready for a few hours, so we left our bags and headed off exploring. We strolled through K’town - nothing too exciting … block after block of Korean BBQ’s, massage parlours & 7/11’s.

So, we said we’d venture into Downtown LA.

Downtown’s a bit of a dump to be honest. We strolled around for an hour or so &...

April 11, 2017

Good pictures can help sell - you can take that to the bank. Here's a few simple and effective tips/tricks to help ensure even the beginner photographers can get some good selling pictures.

Opt for Natural Light

Choose the right time of the day (usually around 4pm during warmer months – wee bit earlier during cooler months) to ensure the sun isn’t too low.

Seems obvious (not all are born with the magical gift of common sense), but make sure all curtains/shades/etc. are open so you get the most natural light flooding into the space you want to photograph.

Natural light makes everything look crisp, cool and S-O much better.

And try not to use a flash.

Compose Your Pictures

Keep the space you’re photographing in mind when composing your pictures.

Seems obvious, just don’t just point & shoot. Stop and think about the overall scene you’re trying to capture and what will work best with angles, lighting, content, etc.

Look With Your Lens

Take lots of trial photographs of each room – you have unlimited...

March 27, 2017

It's just over two years since I took on the project that was 9 Hinemoa Street.

I fell in love with this place the second I walked in and realised the potential the old girl had ... but she wasn't pretty.

There was a lot of room to improve, but that's where it sat. I knew if I purchased, I'd have a big job on my hands for the foreseeable future.

Buy hey, who doesn't like a challenge?

Now I don't want to ruin a nice blog with old pictures. But if you really want to see some of the befores - here they are:


The outside needed some work landscaping wise & the weatherboard was in a bit of a sad state after years without any maintenance.

But it came up very nicely with some prep work and a few coats of pigment sealer/Resene exterior white paint.

We tried a few different colours and even went as far as painting the front of the house Resene Cape Cod - a dark grey/blue colour.

But after a trip to Hanmer Springs with some...

March 26, 2017

Building versus buying is appealing.

With new build costs on a par (if not under) with buying an existing 'as is' house these days.

It's also the fact you know what you're getting when building.

And by that, I mean you're not buying some ex-crack den that's been tidied up, given a quick lick of paint and sold on by an unscrupulous estate agent who couldn't give two flying fucks about the health of the future inhabitants but instead is focused on their dollar religion. 

So, with that being said - here's my top 5 things you need to know before building a home.

1. Stock Design v. Architect

Personally, I would go with an off the shelf stock standard design and hire a Draftsperson to make any changes and get it through Council (or local Government body) for me. You're looking at <$10K all in design wise for that option.

But if you're looking for a one off bespoke design with all the bells and whistles and a house designed for your personal wish list, then the latter is probably the option tha...

March 25, 2017

Christchurch City (Ōtautahi) is a small city with a population of around 360,000 people.

But for such a small city it has an unbelievable pool of talent when it comes to street art & counter culture.

I love all things low brow like street art (pure street art – not the polished commercial type that’s being more and more accepted and even sponsored by local authorities to bring colour to areas), tattoo art, etc.

Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against any type of art that brings happiness to people, but for me – pure graffiti does it.

I’m absolutely blown away daily when driving around this city I’m lucky enough to call home, seeing examples of these self-taught geniuses all around me.

Since the Earthquakes of 2010/11 (the reason I ended up coming back to NZ to live/work), the cordoned-off city center couldn’t help but attract a number of budding graffiti artists to use it as a blank canvas to put their stamp on what would end up becoming a world-leading city for extraordinary street art...

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