I'm Wayne Walsh, a foul mouthed Irish guy living in New Zealand.

Blades, Cutters, Carvers & More.

In 2017 I decided to turn my 'tinkering' into more than just a hobby and I tooled up, set up a design studio/workshop in  Christchurch and since December 2017 I've been creating functional works of art.

Product Range.

I offer kitchen, camping, hunting and a few miscellaneous blades (as well as some random stuff).

My products (the wooden part anyways) are made 100% from locally sourced NZ skateboards otherwise bound for the tip and all are hand-made in my workshop by me (and only me) and are all an original one-off piece. In fact, no two things I've made are the same - no chance.

All items are custom hand-made to order and since all of my blades come from Europe, Japan or the US - please allow 8-12 weeks for completion.

We offer custom made items (anything you can think of really) - just contact me to have a chat ... pretty sure I can help you out.

Re-handling, sharpening, etc. also offered - just ask!

Once They're Gone - They're Gone.



A Brief History ... Our History

Cheryl (my much better half) & I have two girls (Brooke/Harper) & two dogs (Lola - Maltese Shih Tzu/Hildee - Miniature Schnauzer) and we live and work in Christchurch NZ (South Island).

Since coming to NZ I've developed into a bit of a 'maker', and now I'm at the stage where I can offer what I'm making to not just friends and family and stand proudly behind what I produce!

Making Old New.


CW Works Ltd.

Blades, Cutters, Carvers & More ...